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Castillo de Monda – doing our bit…

Just because you run a popular hotel in a spectacular Spanish town, does not mean you can stop worrying about others! 

At Castillo de Monda we take charity & environment very serious. We do “our bit ” by: 

Charity Events Organisation

We organise and support many charity events, including the “Free A Girl” charity organisation. 

We get involved with their fundraising events in the south of Spain on a regular basis, offering up our hotel as a venue for their events. 

Employing Staff from Fundatul

We strive to be a socially responsible company and with the help of the Fundatul foundation we have started to employ staff with functional disabilities at certain positions.

We believe that, to help a person grow, employment and feeling autonomous are very important and will help gain confidence. Thanks to the employment program run by Fundatul and the motivation of its participants, many people with functional disabilities can now work in places such as our hotel.

No Chemicals in our pool

Our swimming pool is a saltwater pool and therefore needs no chemicals that are damaging for the environment (and the human skin for that matter!) 


Sun Energy for warm water

We use solar panels to heat all our water in the hotel, including the rooms and the kitchens. 

Not only does this save a pretty penny which is reflected in our room charges, it also helps the environment, as you can imagine, a large hotel like ours, uses a lot of hot water on a daily basis! 

Waste Recycling

Even though in many countries, this may be a “given” – in Spain, waste recycling and seperation is not as much enforced as we would all like to see! 

However, we have taken it upon us to set the bar (high!) and enforce the recycling and separation of plastics, glass, cans, food and chemicals outselves. Spain will follow suit at some point, and when it does, we’re miles ahead! 

Refillable Amenities

To save plastic, we use refillable bottles for all our amenities in our rooms. And don’t worry, now with “Covid” we disinfect all the reusables after every use! 

Plastic Reduction

All the staff at the hotel is aware of how important plastic reduction is this day & age, and we are excited to see how creative everyone becomes when meeting the challenge of reducing the most plastic they possibly can! We try to use reusable recipients everywhere in the hotel, including our water bottles!

Using local produce

As much as we can, we will get our produce, wines, food & drinks from local producers. 

This means we often go and visit local farms, wineries and olive-groves to test their products (it’s a hard life!) to make sure you get the quality you have come to expect, but without the carbon footprint! 

LED lighting everywhere

The castle and it’s surroundings are lit but many many lights. Luckily for us (and the environment), we now only use LED lighting everywhere in the hotel, including the enormous lights that light up the castle at night! 

Solar panels for electricity

At Castillo de Monda we like to protect our environment and simultaniously look after our bills so we can offer you the best deal on staying in our hotel! 

In addition to the already installed solar panels for water heating, double glazing throughout the hotel and a very effective waste reduction plan, we now have 96 solar panels for electricity with a total capacity of 43 KWh.

And as an added value, our guests can park in the shade!

Natural Ventilation

Being in a castle does have its advantages… like all the “natural ventilation” that keeps everyone cool during the hot summer months! 

The did really think about that when the castle was reconstructed, and this means we use a lot less airconditioning which is great for the environment. 

Electric Car Charging Points

Much like being ahead of the times when it comes to recycling in Spain, we are also leading the town of Monda into the 20th century by offering 2 charging points for electric cars

The charging points are free to use for owners of a Porsche vehicle, and cost only from 35€ for a full charge for all other vehicles. 


Hotel Castillo de Monda is a beautiful castle located in Monda converted into a stunning hotel. Situated just 15 minutes from Marbella Center, the hotel lends itself for weddings, corporate functions and private weekend getaways as well as relaxing holidays.

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