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La Sierra de las Nieves

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La Sierra de las Nieves

You may be looking for a family holiday or want to surprise your partner by showing your adventurous side. Whatever you’re looking for, you want enjoy laugh and be surrounded by nature, correct? 

El Castillo de Monda is located in the La Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park, in 1995 declared by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve. 

This means that we are, apart from a few rural villages, in a largely uninhabited area that has seen very little human influence.

For this reason this area has a rich variety of indigenous flora (pine, fir, ash, chestnut, wild olive and oak trees as well as juniper) and fauna, including wild boar, mountain goats and muflons.

We love nature and we want our guests to enjoy the beauty of what this landscape has to offer. 

Below are some options that are available in this region. 


This fantastic sporty and adventurous activity is very popular in this area. You will go through riverbeds, surrounded by nature, there’s swimming, jumping off cliffs, going down slides and all this is the most emblematic environment that you can wish for. 

The La Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park, where every corner hides a secret and every secret an experience to discover

Climbing in Vias Ferratas

Enter the fascinating world of climbing, ascend a vertical wall in the middle of nature, enjoy the surroundings and the views from the spectacular enclave where the activity takes place.

Climb & abseil and overcome all your fears of heights with this safe and fun activity available to everyone.

There are various levels of difficulty available so you can start with the easiest climb if you’re a beginner! 

Caving & Abseiling

If caves are your “thing”  or you love hidden places of great beauty, but far away from the modern world… then come caving with us in the La Sierra de las Nieves Natural park. 

The La Sierra de las Nieves Natural park, houses a multitude of underground cavities such as: Simas (vertical progression) and Cuevas (horizontal progression), we recommend this last option. Be guided by real specialists and “cave connoisseurs ” of the area. 

There are many possibilities, due to the diversity of existing caves, all of them with their own history and story, such as the caves used as shelter for fugitives, the abundant water sources of Málaga, caves where weapons were kept, and spectacular caves with a multitude of formations to admire. 

The La Sierra de las Nieves offers caves that you will not find anywhere else. 

Trekking & Hiking

Walking is a healthy and entertaining way to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings of the La Sierra de las Nieves, discover new places and get closer to nature and go places no GPS would ever recommend!

The la Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park is a fascinating enclave for hiking with a multitude of exciting routes, but … above all with a plethora of beautiful viewing points to marvel over the fascinating landscape. 

Enjoy this activity led by experienced guides that are from the area the area, who in addition to showing you the sights will be in charge of interpreting the environment and explaining the  curiosities of the flora, fauna that you find on your wat and share with you the tales of the area.