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Hiking & Trekking

in Cerro Gordo

Costa del Sol
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Hiking in Cerro Gordo

This route is not long (8 km), it can easily be done in one morning.

Some prefer to do it by bicycle, others on foot. 

It runs in its first part through dry and irrigated fields, in its middle section through a thick  pine forest and, at the end, through an area of olive and almond groves near the town.

Following the below instructions, you can take this hike yourself! 

We start the hike in the Plaza de la Ermita (1), next to the statue of the Carbonero. In the small fountain next to it we can fill our water bottle with water from the natural spring. 

Going up Calle Hospital, we take the Alpujata road, which passes under the A-355 (2) road that on one side leads to Marbella and on the other leads to Malaga.

This is a concrete road so the hike is quite comfortable. As we move forward, the entire area of ​​Alpujata opens up  before our eyes, while we cross some olive groves located on very steep terraces and, as we descend to the plain, more olive and almond groves and some typically Spanish Fincas. 

At a crossroads with three paths, we take the one on the right (3), which is paved and goes up to the soccer field (4).

We go around it and at the next crossroads we take the right lane, which takes us to the Lo Morales fountain (5), in these iron rich  waters we can refresh ourselves.

Going back a bit, we wade across the stream and follow the path of Portillo de las Ánimas (6), the first section of which is quite narrow.

When we reach a concrete lane we turn left and start
a descent surrounded by verdant orchards until we reach a new crossroads (7) where we turn right, passing over another stream and taking the Cerro Gordo lane.

It is a set of hills of low elevation and covered by an extensive pine forest whose ascending lane invites us to climb calmly.

Once we’re at the top, everything is flat and the path gently ascents through a beautiful reforested pine forest, where fresh air, tranquility and the singing of birds come together (8).

The last section of the path is transformed into a lane with a good tiled / asphalted path and circulating along it in the direction of Monda we will once again pass under the A-355 road until we reach the old road (11) that returns us to Monda.

There we can recharge our batteries in any of its bars or restaurants.