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Hiking to Alpujata los Morales

The Alpujata-Los Morales route runs through some beautiful places where we find pine forests and cork oaks, work fields occupied by olive trees, almond trees and orchards, old calve and cattle corrals … a landscape that is the fruit of dialogue between Man and Nature over time and  belongs to the Sierra de las Nieves Biosphere Reserve.

This tour is family-friendly and low-level, ideal for enjoying and sharing nature and sports with children.

The approximate duration is one hour and along the way we can find informative panels on flora, fauna and the traditional activities that have been developed in these places. 

We start from the Carbonero fountain, in the Ermita square (1) and go up Calle Hospital taking a concrete lane and, after passing under the A-355 road, we turn left and come to a curve (2) to encounter a beautiful landscape: the Cerro Gordo pine forest and the Sierra de Alpujata.

Going down we enjoy the path between olive, almond and fig trees until we reach a crossroads with three paths (3) where we
take the one in the center. 

We continue without deviating from the path until we reach the Alpujata stream, with seasonal waters, where women once washed clothes and where oleanders, rushes and other plant species are born on its banks. 

Here you can find typical and thorny prickly pears on the edges of the farms, girded by stone walls.

We continue ahead and observe the footprint of traditional trades materialized in a lime kiln (4), a cylindrical structure where lime was made from limestone which is very abundant in the area.

We continue enjoying the tour until we arrive, a little further on, at the source of Los Morales (5) with its iron rich waters where we can refresh ourselves and enjoy a break, taking in the the refreshing air and the views of cork oak and orange groves.

Continuing on our hike we take a path that crosses the stream, the Portillo de las Ánimas (6), and we arrive at the Alberca Grande, the heart of the orchards of Alpujata, where the waters of the stream are stored to irrigate the numerous terraces of orchards that can be seen from here. 

We head towards the Llanos de Alpujata park (8) along a concrete path surrounded by orchards and small houses.

The park has recreational areas and a bio-healthy circuit, hosting numerous species in the area such as mulberry, poplar or poplar, which create a pleasant and welcoming environment.

After our break in nature, we can return by going back to the initial crossroads (3) and back to the town where we can enjoy a snack or some lunch to regain our strength and look back on a splendid morning walk.