Hotel Castillo de Monda adds Fundatul staff to their workforce. | Castillo de Monda

We are proud to have added Fundatul staff to our workforce. 


We strive to be a socially responsible company and with the help of the Fundatul foundation we have started to employ staff with functional disabilities at certain positions.

We believe that, to help a person grow, employment and feeling autonomous are very important and will help gain confidence. Thanks to the employment program run by Fundatul and the motivation of its participants, many people with functional disabilities can now work in places such as our hotel.

Fundatul provides us with support and services through their employment program. This way we can benefit from the added value of having a member of staff with functional disabilities to work and grow within our company.

We are very proud to have joined this great cause and we are very pleased with the work of our new colleague.

To find out more about our cooperation with Fundatul, please click here. 


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