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How we kept busy during Covid-19

As many of you know, the Hotel was closed during the Covod-19 pandamic, but we didn’t sit still!

We took this time to do some nice refurbishments to the rooms and the hotel, we created some lovely new menus and generally took all winter to get ready for a spectacular summer of 2021!

Mini fridges in the rooms

You asked, we arranged! We now have a mini fridge in every room so you can keep your water or other drinks chilled during the hot summer days. The fridges are not stocked, so you have space to put whatever you want in the fridge!

New chairs

All rooms now have 2 comfy chairs with a small table. The All The Way rooms already had this feature, but now the Comfy double rooms can also enjoy a small seating area (albeit somewhat smaller than in the All The Way Rooms)

New Art

We got a bit creative and found one of the first forms of Marketing that was used from the 1920’s through to the 60’s. Advertisement on crates of oranges!

The stickers were used on the millions of crates of oranges that were distributed all throughout Spain and were a marketing tool for the “orange framers” to communicate that his oranges were the best in the world!

These stickers are now a collectors item and we have 70 different designs to admire distributed all over the hotel including the rooms!

New menus

The chef has not been sitting still either! A new a la carte menu along with a new bar menu is in its final stages and the menus all have a new design too!

Countless of “menu tastings” were held throughout the winter (yeah… don’t you feel sorry for us?) to get to the perfect combination of food, sauces & condiments.

Mouthwatering tapas, scrumptious main courses and delicious starters & desserts. We tried and tested them all to make sure you are once again pleasantly surprised by our creative cuisine 🙂 Why not come and try for yourself?

Upgraded website

We have also had an upgrade in the website & translations. We added new pictures and virtual tours to make the experience even better for you!

Brochures & Folders

We have also worked hard on streamlining our marketing materials.

We now have better materials to give you when it domes to weddings & events, online brochures with all the information and an easier organisation overall.

A Walk Through History

We have created a new “Walk through history” – it is a hike from the Castle to the town of Monda that brings you past some interesting historical sights. The hike is only about 30 minutes and is very educating and interesting! 

So you see… this Covid Lockdown hasn’t been “all bad” – it has given us the time and opportunity to clean up and get organised. Now we’re ready for the summer of 2021 like never before! Are you coming to see us too?


Hotel Castillo de Monda is a beautiful castle located in Monda converted into a stunning hotel. Situated just 15 minutes from Marbella Center, the hotel lends itself for weddings, corporate functions and private weekend getaways as well as relaxing holidays.

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