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Masterclass social media marketing


  • Date: March 20th 2019
  • Time: 10:30-18:00 h
  • Place: Hotel Castillo de Monda
  • Price: € 175,- incl. drinks, snack and lunch (excl. IVA)

For this special Castillo de Monda-event we invited Mark Lette, Social Media Entrepeneur at the Costa del Sol, to give this Masterclass to all companies who want to increase their business with their website and social media.

Level: intermediate, not for total beginners on social media!

It is time to increase your marketing activities on Social Media

Whatever your industry, segment and audience, a substantial portion of your customers and leads are on social media. A recent study found that 68% of European adults are Facebook users. Among 18 to 24-year-olds, 78% use Instagram. Even among Europeans 65 and older, 37% are social media users.
Having access to all of these customers helps you boost traffic, particularly for new site content.

When you post a new blog or update your homepage, it can take a while to get traction with Google. That means very few customers will know the new content is there until the next time they’re searching for your product or service.
Social media posts provide an opportunity for the public to find your new web content and click through to your site. And because these posts will primarily show up in the feeds of followers and people interested in your product, that traffic is typically very targeted. It won’t just boost your traffic numbers — it will bring in the type of visitors you want to attract.

In our Masterclass Social Media we will teach you all you need to know about the best performing post, how it will influence your site traffic and last but not least, show you how you can earn money by spending money on the right way with Facebook and Instagram Advertising.

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About Mark Lette

“Marketing and sales run like a thread through my career. Since the creation of my firsty company in 1998 I have always been focused on sales and marketing (offline and online). In the end of the 90’s it was mainly about the principles of Google Adwords and optimization for the search engines. In the following years I have become more and more immersed in actual conversion via the Internet. In the last 8 years, this expertise has been a sign of direct sales, internet marketing and advice to SMEs.”

Mark Lette – Kliqs Marketing

Part 1: Social media and your website

How is your website working for you ? In the first part of our Masterclass we will advise you about the essence of social media according to the SEO of your website. Show you what you can do to improve the score on Google and ask is it worth investing time upgrading this score? We will show you how to check your site for the crawling-robots and dig deeper into the psychological approach of your visitors.

Social media and SEO
Marketing & Content

Part 2: Marketing & Content

Posting good content on Facebook is not just a matter of regularly sharing news. More than 1500 messages a day are available per person on Facebook. You can imagine that it is almost impossible to read all these messages.
For this reason Facebook has developed a filter that determines what content your fans can and can not see.

When you know how this algorithm works, you are able to place the right mix of content so that your Facebook page will reach more people. Part of this Masterclass Facebook Content Management will therefore focus on understanding the algorithm.

Part 3: Advertising on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook is not just the social media network with the most daily active users  but also the most advanced social advertising platform in the world. Have you ever clicked the “Promote message” button on Facebook? Never do it again! Why not? We will explain that to you in this part of the Masterclass!

Advertising on Facebook is like sifting a gold nugget. It is so easy to spend money on Facebook (the giant made 15 billion sales in the past quarter …) but wouldn’t you like to know how to get more sales with less expenditure?

Unfortunately, when it comes to advertising on Facebook, many companies have many opportunities and spend a lot of money on badly thought out campaigns. We will show you in this session how you can improve results from the same budget. You will reap the rewards of this training very quickly !

Masterclass Social Media
Meeting and drink

Part 4: Network meeting and drink

After the Masterclass enjoy a drink with us and get to know your fellow participants

Additional: It is not necessary to take notes during the Masterclass. You will receive syllabus with all the information!


10:30 Coffee and acquaintance
11.00-12.30 Part 1
13.00-14.30 Part 2
14.30-15.30 Lunch
15.30-17.00 Part 3
17:00 Network meeting with a drink

Price: € 175,- p.p. incl. drinks, lunch, networkmeeting and syllabus (excl IVA)

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