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Ten Ways Taking A Holiday Can Improve Your Physical And Mental Health

Most people enjoy having extra time to relax. Unfortunately, today’s fast-paced business environment makes it difficult for people to take time off, meaning that they usually wind up with extra vacation days left over by the time the end of the year rolls around. No matter how busy you are, spending too much time at work can take a serious toll on both your physical and mental well-being. The section below outlines ten ways that taking a break from work can benefit your health:


1. Lower Stress Levels


A small amount of stress can be a good thing since it helps drive people to get more done. Unfortunately, researchers have found that four out of every five workers experience high levels of stress at work, with health conditions caused by stress contributing to as many as 70% of their healthcare visits. According to this psychotherapist taking a break from work and enjoying a holiday can help counteract this effect, minimising the chances of burning out or experiencing health problems related to stress.


2. More Creativity


Another benefit of taking time off of work is that it increases creativity. By helping people get out of their everyday routine, it encourages them to see the world around them through a different lens. After a vacation, most people are able to think more clearly. They also usually have a lot more creativity, allowing them to tackle problems at work in unique or innovative ways.


3. Better Emotional Control


Spending too much time at work can cause feelings of frustration. Over time, this frustration can build up inside until you reach a point where you eventually break, accidentally snapping at a coworker or saying something that you regret. When you take time off, on the other hand, you can enjoy better emotional control, minimising the likelihood of unfortunate outbursts.


4. Improved Confidence


Studies have shown that taking time off helps people reconnect with themselves, giving them more energy and more self-confidence when they return to work.


5. Increased Intelligence


Your body’s internal clock runs in cycles that measure approximately 90 minutes each. This leads to natural fluctuations in your level of alertness. If you ignore these fluctuations, it can leave you feeling drained since your body doesn’t have a chance to recharge. Taking time off gives you a chance to rebuild your mental stores, meaning that you can enjoy improved alertness and increased intelligence when you return to work.


6. A Better Mood


Working in a stressful environment can leave you feeling depressed, anxious, or resentful. When you take a holiday, it gives you a chance to unwind, helping to reset your outlook on life. By the time you return to work, you should feel a lot calmer, happier, and more in control.


7. Better Health


Taking regular holidays is an essential part of maintaining your health. When your body is continually under stress, it can interfere with its ability to fight illness and disease. Prolonged stress has even been shown to disrupt the structure of the body’s cells. Getting away from work can help counteract these effects, keeping you healthy and strong.


8. Better Relationships Outside Of Work


Most people are so busy with work that they don’t have a lot of time to truly connect with their family members and friends. Taking a holiday, however, gives you a chance to connect with your loved ones on a deeper level. This can help create stronger bonds between you and the people that you love.


9. Lower Expenses For Businesses


Although it may sound counterintuitive, businesses usually make more money when their employees take regular holidays. When employees are under an excessive amount of stress, it leads to increased absences, poor health, and a decline in mental well-being, all of which can affect work performance. On the other hand, when employees take regular holidays, they usually are much more productive during the time that they are at work, which can lead to better outcomes for the business.


10. A Chance To Get Inspired


Going to work at the same job and doing the same thing every day leaves little room for inspiration. When you have a break from work, on the other hand, you can play around with different hobbies and activities to find new interests that you enjoy.

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