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Here’s some information to make your stay at Castillo de Monda even nicer.


Coming & going

Our front desk is open from 7 in the morning until 11 at night. Even if the front desk is closed, you can leave and enter the building with your key card. At nighttime, please close the iron gate behind you.


Let’s talk

In case you need to reach us, you can call us from 7 AM until 11 PM at +34 952 459 836 or dial 100 from the phone in your room. In case of emergency you can reach us at +34 620 326 565 from 11 PM until 7 AM.


Social Responsibility

We try to minimize our impact on the environment. Therefore, we have installed LED lights throughout the entire building and your shower is heated by solar energy. Every three days we change the bed linen, please let us know in case you like this done more frequently. We change the towels every other day or whenever you leave them on the floor.
We feel it is important to offer labor and learning opportunities to people with various disabilities. In certain positions members of our staff have functional disabilities. These employees will always be accompanied by an experienced member of staff.  We thank you for your patience and understanding.


Food & Drinks

Breakfast is served from 8:30AM – 10:30AM. In case you plan to leave early we can prepare a take away breakfast for you upon request. If you leave very early, please let us know, so we can arrange the check out on the night beforehand.

Our restaurant is open for lunch (1PM – 4 PM) and dinner (7:30 PM – 11 PM). In winter time (1/11 – 1/4) the kitchen will close at 22:00. But if you feel hungry in between there is a bar snack menu available throughout the day.

Our lovely pool

Our pool area is exclusively for you and our other hotel guests. Your room key will open the gate. Large pool towels are available at the reception free of charge. We are proud of our salt water pool because it allows us to limit the use of chemicals to nearly nothing.

Do splash around! But…

  • Please accompany your children. There is no life guard present.
  • You can use the pool from 8am until 22PM but please always try to respect the peace and quiet of the other guests.
  • For safety reasons glasses nor glass bottles are allowed in the pool area. Please ask our bar staff for disposables when you like to take your drink into the pool area.
  • Please do not dive, max depth is 1.70 meters.


Enjoy a smoke?

No problem, but not in your room nor anywhere else indoors! It is prohibited by Spanish Law and it takes a long time to get the scent out of the room. This stops us from using the room for several days. We count on your understanding and hope we do not have to charge the €150 cleaning fee in case you do decide to smoke in your room.


Already leaving us?

The final check-out time is 11am.  Still sleepy? No problem, depending on availability you can request to stay until 15.00 for only €30 extra.


And the WIFI-code

For free WiFi, select the “Castillo de Monda” network and check in with the code which is in your room. Happy surfing!

Our WiFi is supplied by Acox Network Solutions, www.acox.es.


We wish you:

A fantastic stay!


Anything worth improving? Please let us know.

Maryn, Jaap & Arjan


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